Radiant Heating for Suffolk County and Nassau County Long Island


Radiant Floor Heating Systems


Our customers are surprised how easy, safe, and inexpensive it is to add a floor warming system to their bathroom or kitchen. Considering the comfort and value it adds to a home, and the small percentage of cost it adds to a typical remodel, the return on their investment is something they can actually feel!

Whether your project is small or large, with a simple layout, or complex- we have the floor warming system that’s right for you. Tile, stone, slate, marble, even under wood or carpet, we can help you achieve a comfy, warm-to-the-touch floor in just about any room. Whether you want to warm your master bath, kitchen, or that never-warm-enough den where your family spends most of the time, All Island Radiant has the solution for you.

What we can offer with our Radiant Floor Heating Systems:

  • We provide a wide range of radiant floor heating options
  • A system that can save you money, from initial purchase to lowering your monthly energy bill
  • Service includes maintenance, inspection, repairs and upgrades
  • Nobody who installed your radiant heating system we will help you
  • Friendly and helpful customer service that can be reached by phone or email
  • Customer assistance at every step of the project, from the time you order to years after installation of your radiant heating system
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
All Island Radiant services and repairs all makes and models. If your existing systems needs a minor adjustment, replacement of a non functioning item or you want to upgrade your existing system to a energy efficient system.